Friday, August 27, 2010

You Will Eat Life Itself.

I have the diet of a human being.

In all my years of living, I've been used to opening the cupboards and refrigerator to find the norms of society - flour, butter, eggs, pasta, rice, sugar, and so on and so forth.

However, for fourteen months there has been a sea change in my kitchen since the ever-so-lovely and beautiful Katie E. Lynch has transformed into a raw food power vegan.

Where once we lived in tandem, sharing the same food, our kitchen has now experienced a quantum shift, where two separate dimensions exist on top of each other. One is my run-of-the-mill cooked world and the other is a world of exotic names and substances that I have never heard of and can be quite frightening at times.

And, now, to share with you the new reality of the raw power vegan that exists in our kitchen:

Keep in mind that these things are not sitting on the shelves collecting dust, but are actually in heavy rotation as the intriguing Katie E. Lynch develops permutation of foods never before been tasted.(Really!)


  1. Eeek, there's way too much CMYK printing going on with those labels...

    Side note, Quantam Leap was a such a good show.

    Side note to the side note: Life at the SaccomannoWow house is like a smelly mix of Quantam Leap and Top Chef, with a spritz of The Real Housewives of NJ.

  2. this all looks delicious!

  3. tremendous post! more like these please

  4. Hunter: Quantum Leap yes..but I have to say it only smells like Housewives when you bring your leftovers in..

  5. More spiritual food please

  6. can I raid your cabinets?

  7. ZING! I think that is the most aggressive thing I've ever heard Katie say...
    The internet turns the world upside down!!!
    Modern life is rubbish! I'm sorry Katie. Smelly was a terrible adjective to use.

  8. Do you loan your wife out for dates?