Friday, August 6, 2010

How the Victorians Wasted Their Time.

I know that most of you are going to see Step Up 3D, but before you head out the door to rake in what may seem like a radically new visual experience. Allow me to present to you that which started it all:
The Stereoscope. 
Or, as ours is awkwardly labelled, "The Perfecscope." Invented in 1838, 3-D viewing through the stereoscope was THE most exciting thing going in the world of visual media. These are some stereoscopic cards we picked up at the incredible East Village junk shop called Obscura. All the scenes are from the very end of the 1800s. There is no thematic arc to these shots; they just try to fit in the whole story scene by scene.


  1. victorian porn!

  2. Hark hark we want
    we want
    we want
    that wild n groovy
    Wiiiiiild n Groooooovy
    thematic arc