Monday, August 30, 2010

Hibernian Homme: Pulled into Beauty.

Man is Men was not born in a vacuum. There have been many points of light illuminating the vision of this blog and all have their own unique virtues.

But there is a particular aesthete that was particularly inspirational to me in starting this blog and that man is  Dan Monteforte with his incredible blog - Hibernian Homme.

Relentlessly beautiful, thunderous in sincerity, Hibernian Homme helps you regain that part of your soul that you always felt was slightly out of reach, such as his recent expedition into Places of Unknown Beauty here and here.

Part sartorialist, part design savant, Hibernian Homme hones his eye on every situation and finds the happiness that is to to had as the venerable Katie E. Lynch and I can attest to.

Eritrea? Really, Hibernian Homme. You really are a tastemaker, not unlike the previously-mentioned Arthur Quiller-Couch.


  1. Micah, I can't tell if it's the Menarche, the tiredness, or the hunger but I'm positively tearing up!

  2. I'll go along with the thunder part (quite right) if you'll go along with the unmentioned modesty part - admitting that everyone does wish to be presentable, if found mowing the lawn as guests arrive for cocktails. As a fledgling of a juniority I renew with every posting, I confess I'll never master his genius for quiet.