Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wikileaks is Gladys Kravitz.

A lot of hulabaloo has erupted over Julian Assange's hacker-journalist masterpiece Wikileaks in the past few weeks due to the release of hundreds of thousands of confidential war documents from Afghanistan.
This is a radical publication that solidifies the existence of Wikileaks as an organization that can force the U.S. government to be more transparent and accountable in its actions. 

However the U.S.. is not alone in being under the intense scrutiny of the Wikileaks machine. Every major government that wishes to cover something up attracts the attention of this institutionalized whistle-blower. Also, secret Mormon and Scientologist documents and rituals are exposed. 

In the end, Wikileaks turns out to be the old lady behind the curtain who can't bear to leave her window because she might miss a scandal flare up on her street. One of the unfortunate occurrences of obsessive-compulsive stalking (as any victim of a spurned boy/girlfriend will tell you) is the paranoid conspiracies that emerge in the head of the obsessed and compelled. Wikileaks seems to be addicted to being in other people's business and can't help telling their secrets.

A case in point is this unexplainable pedestrian entry that I stumbled upon that is merely a recorded telephone call between two Italian ladies that Wikileaks doesn't even understand.

While I respect the need to shine a light on powerful secretive organizations, publishing private conversations between family members shows that Wikileaks may be developing its own particular version of Complusive Hoarding.

While your personal conversations may not personally be on Wikileaks, there is an extremely good chance that people are looking at your private information here.

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